Dry-EX Xtrategy Nutrition Reduces Bloating Swelling ELIMINATES Excess Water Retention Herbal Blend

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  1. DRY-EX is an herbal blend that promotes a balanced level of fluids in the body and this high potency diuretic is designed to help shed excess water, along with a healthy diet and physical exercise routine. Xtrategy Nutrition selected all the best ingredients to create this blend that relieves temporary water retention by helping the body to expel unwanted fluids that usually cause discomfort
Serving size: 4 capsules

Servings per conteiner: 30

Proprietary blend 3247.5 mg

Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, L-Arginine Hci, Beet Root Extract, L=Citulinemalate, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Lemon Fruit Extract, European Goldenrod Herb Power, Fennel Seed Extract, Parsley Leaf Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Medium Chain Triglycerides (Mct), Yohimbe Bark Extract, Black Pepper Fruit Extract



" I love all the supplements from Xtrategy Nutrition, they are great and if you are looking for something to get you leaner fast, great energy and girls if you’re looking for something to eliminate cellulite this is a wonderful product, they are all natural and plant-based.

Gina Brazil
Miami , FL

"Xtrategy Nutrition really makes a different product! I can feel the difference! and with natural ingredients!"

Vanessa Silva
Miami, FL

Why choose us?

Xtrategy cares!

Xtrategy Nutrition uses ONLY natural ingredients.

Unlike other brands that use crazy and unsafe formulas.

Xtrategy will always provide clear explaination when asked!

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